Scholarship Applications Open Now Calling All Post Secondary Champions To Apply

[trx_title bottom=”xsmall”]Pallies of the Joe Hogan Memorial[/trx_title]

Remembering the people that have contributed to the success of our event.

Thank you for being our pal.

[trx_title top=”medium” bottom=”xsmall”]2022 Honourees[/trx_title]
[trx_title top=”medium” bottom=”xsmall”]2021 Honourees[/trx_title]

Robert Scussolin

John Dufour

Mauro DiMario

[trx_title top=”medium” bottom=”xsmall”]2020 Honourees[/trx_title]

Frank Larosa

Nicola Minardi

Jeffrey Paleczny

[trx_title top=”medium” bottom=”xsmall”]2019 Honourees[/trx_title]

Ken Goss

Dan Klinck

Dr. Gord Vail

[trx_title top=”medium” bottom=”xsmall”]2018 Honourees[/trx_title]

Tim White

Ken Farano

Vladmire Siracki